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[QRT] JX/LB4MI – Jan Mayen

NEWS UPDATE by LB4MI: Yesterday and today I made 534 CW QSO’s on 10/12/15M, with great conditions! Really a record for me, after I started learning CW last year. My internet was not working, but all logs are now updated....

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JX2US – Jan Mayen

UPDATE – If you didn’t already know, JX2US OQRS via Club Log is now open. MARCH 28 – Erik’s time on Jan Mayen is coming to an end soon. He is due to arrive back in mainland Norway on April 15 (weather...

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JX7GIA – Jan Mayen

APRIL 4, 2019 – Despite poor propagation, Ken reports he made 650 QSOs. He was on Jan Mayen for 5 hours and says he was very lucky to be allowed a seat on the military flight.  Photos below courtesy JX7GIA. APRIL 3, 2019...

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JX9JKA – Jan Mayen

NEWS UPDATE – The JX9JKA operation is delayed. So far unknown if Svein will go on the next boat to the island (yearly main supplies) on June 7th, or the next scheduled plane on August 10th. QRX.. March 14, 2016 –...

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