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Images from PY8/UA4WHX/P

Very recently Vlad UA4WHX was active as PY8/UA4WHX/P. The following tells his exclusive story: This has been the most challenging place  for us for the past 5 months. I was operating from a village called Jamaruqua that’s...

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Images from HK0/UA4WHX

As always, thanks to Vlad, UA4WHX for exclusive images. We are on Providencia and have found a country house that suited us. The owner agreed to rent it out to us and he moved out to another place (for the time that we are...

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Images from S.M.O.M

Exclusive images with thanks to Cristiano IZ0IEN, team member of 1A0KM. Cristiano also reports that logs are being uploaded manually at the moment.

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Images from Red Island, OC-255

Craig, VK5CE currently operating from Red Island OC-255 has sent some images of his activity for readers of DX World to view. He mentions just over 1000 QSOs have been made on his first day of activity using 100w on 20m only....

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