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HQ8D – Vivorillo Cays

Dan HR2DMR updates to say he’s now on Vivorillo Cays NA-223 for the next two or three days. Activity as HQ8D will be sporadic due to Navy training on the island, but look for him mostly during his nights. After the...

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HQ3W – Cochinos Cays, NA-160

Dan HR2DMR informs he will again be active as HQ3W from Cochinos Cays NA-160 at the end of July, taking in the IOTA contest. It’s possible he may also visit and activate Vivorillas NA-223 as HQ8D after the contest for one...

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The story of an HR-IOTA tour

Exclusively to DX World readers, this 18 page summary by Dan HR2DMR, who visited and activated the following Honduran islands, is now available to read online. HQ3W — NA-160 – Cayos Cochinos. HQ8S — NA-035...

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Exclusive Images from HQ8D & HQ8S

Many thanks to Dan HR2DMR who provides pictures taken during his recent activity as HQ8D and HQ8S.   DX World.net is a sponsor of this expedition, as well as maintaining the HR-IOTAs website.

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