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HQ3W – Cochinos Cays, NA-160

Dan HR2DMR informs he will again be active as HQ3W from Cochinos Cays NA-160 at the end of July, taking in the IOTA contest. It’s possible he may also visit and activate Vivorillas NA-223 as HQ8D after the contest for one...

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The story of an HR-IOTA tour

Exclusively to DX World readers, this 18 page summary by Dan HR2DMR, who visited and activated the following Honduran islands, is now available to read online. HQ3W — NA-160 – Cayos Cochinos. HQ8S — NA-035...

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Approved for IOTA credit

The following operations in the period May/June 2013 have provided acceptable validation and are therefore approved for IOTA credit: HQ3W (NA-160), YB8P (OC-208), YB8RW/P (OC-236), H44AJ (OC-285) and H44S (OC-285). OC-285 is now...

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