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More on H44IOTA Operations

via RSGB IOTA website Reference the notice posted here on 25 June 2013, we have noted the subsequent posting on the H44IOTA QRZ.com website to the effect that a validation of OC-168 “may not be possible due to computer...

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H44IOTA – Solomon Islands

New info on OC-168 activity Many thanks to all stations who have made contacts with us on our multi-island tour of the Solomon’s. We regret to inform those stations that made contact with us on OC-168, that a validation...

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Exclusive pics from H44IOTA

With thanks to Ralph H44RK / H44IOTA who sends exclusive text, images and movie from his time on Ngella Sule, Florida Islands OC-158. DX World.net is a sponsor of H44IOTA. Haroro village in Rodrick Bay is in the North West...

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H44RK / H44IOTA – Liapari Island, OC-149

[audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/h44iota-15ssb-20130531T2253.mp3|titles=h44iota-15ssb-20130531T2253] Ralph H44RK and Maggie H44MK are now operating from Liapari OC-149. From June 1st onwards, both will be...

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