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OX7AM, OX7AKT & OX3LX – Greenland

Alex, OZ7AM informs that OX3LX, OX7AKT and OX7AM will be active from Kangerlussuaq (NA-018) on the following dates: OX7AM — November 22-29 OX7AKT — November 24-29 OX3LX — on various dates from various...

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OX/SE3A – Greenland

NEWS UPDATE – OX/SE3A is again active. This time from Nerlerit Inaat Airport in northeast Greenland until early January. QRV likely on 40 & 20m. QSL via SM3UQK. JANUARY 10, 2021 – Nils, SM3UQK is active from...

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OX/OZ1LXJ – Greenland

John, OZ1LXJ is again active from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland as OX/OZ1LXJ. QRV mainly on 160m, CW. QSL via H/c. *John has been active this time of year for the last 5 years running.

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OX3LX – Tasiilaq Island, NA-151

NEWS UPDATE – Bo is presently QRV from Greenland until approx. 13th August. He has worked the first QSO’s on the QO-100 satellite, meaning that the continent North America and DXCC Greenland is now added to hams that hunt...

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XP2I – Greenland

[CANCELLED] Henning, OZ2I will be active from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland as XP2I during the CQWW CW DX Contest (Nov 28-29, 2020). QSL via LoTW preferred.

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OX3NUK – Greenland

The YASME Foundation has allocated funds for the purchase of equipment to upgrade the OX3NUK club station in Nuuk, Greenland. In addition to helping the club stay active on the air, the station can serve as a venue to promote...

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OX80HM – Greenland

All people in the Danish Kingdom are going to celebrate the 80th birthday of H.M. The Queen on April 16, 2020 and so will the Danish amateur radio association EDR. In collaboration with the Greenlandic radio amateurs, we are...

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OX/W0GPR – Greenland

Brandon, W0GPR will be active from Jakobshavn, Greenland as OX/W0GPR during August 9-27, 2018. QRV on 40-6m. Possibility of activity from grids GP48, 49, 58, 59. QSL via H/c, LoTW.

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OX/SM7RYR – Greenland

Roger, SM7RYR informs DX-World that he will be active from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland as OX/SM7RYR between April 6-10, 2017. QRV on 20-17-15m. QSL via LoTW.

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