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PU2MEA/PY0F – Fernando de Noronha

Look for Everton, PU2MEA to be active from Fernando de Noronha as PU2MEA/PY0F during January 21-26, 2022. QRV when time permits, low power and 10m SSB only (check 28430). QSLvia eQSL, LoTW, Club Log.

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PY0F – Fernando de Noronha

SOURCE: Almost two years after Covid-19, and with all the crew vaccinated, we decided to re-open the contest season in PY0F – Fernando de Noronha! The team will arrive on October 24th and will work on the RX/TX antennas...

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PY0FFF – Fernando de Nornoha

We have no firm dates on this activity, but Rodrigo PY2KC mentions he will try to be active from Fernando da Nornoha sometime in 2022 as PY0FFF. Activity depends on Covid situation.

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PY0NY – Fernando de Noronha

NEWS UPDATE – Jay PY4NY says: “On this activation I intend to give special attention to the bands of 160m and 80m, for these are bands that have been little explored (on Fernando de Noronha) and I believe they are...

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