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JW1I – Bear Island, EU-027

JW1I is the clubstation callsign associated with the “Bjørnøya Meteorologiske Stasjon” located on Bear Island (EU-027), Svalbard. The QRZ page is currently under construction by LB2PG (also JW/LB2PG). QSL via...

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JW9JKA – Bear Island, Svalbard

UPDATE – Svein JW9JKA mentions he currently has no 6m capability due to a broken radio. Listen below. listen to ‘JW9JKA 20SSB’ on Audioboo Svein, LA9JKA (ex-JX9JKA) informs he will be active as JW9JKA from...

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QSL card preview – JW2US

Designed by Stan SQ8X, here’s an exclusive preview of the JW2US – Bear Island, Svalbard QSL card. Printing of the card is about to commence, with shipping to soon follow.

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