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About DX-W.net!

DX-World.net is a free-to-read, non-subscription DX news service mainly for DXers and IOTA enthusiasts. In actual fact it’s a resource most other DX news outlets use and we’re proud not to charge anyone a single cent...

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While in Warsaw..

Last weekend the DX World development team met in Warsaw, Poland. The idea behind the meeting was to talk about a new version website which will be implemented in the coming months. We received helpful feedback from readers as...

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DX World v2.0

In a few weeks time the DX World development team will be meeting in Warsaw, Poland with the principle aim of discussing, then eventually implementing, a brand new DX World website. We’d love readers to be involved by...

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DX World off to Friedrichshafen

This year, DX World.net will be represented at the world famous Friedrichshafen Ham Fair by Max IK8LOV, who is part of the site development team. He should be easy to find – or maybe not – as he will be the only one...

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