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TI200I – Costa Rica

On September 15, 2021, the Bicentennial of the Independence of Costa Rica will be celebrated with great fanfare. In commemoration of such an important and historical event, a team of radio amateurs will be activating the special...

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TI/AB3G – Costa Rica

On January 2, 2021 members of AB3G will depart from Los Angeles and head to Costa Rica for a week of Summits on the Air. Together as a team they will climb approximately 15 summits across Costa Rican provinces (TI2, TI3, and...

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TI5/W1USN & TI5/AA1M – Costa Rica

Mike, W1USN and Bob, AA1M will be QRV from Atenas, Costa Rica as TI5/homecall from February 20 to March 4, 2020. They will be operating CW, SSB, some digital modes and hope to catch a few of the FM satellites. All QSLing will be...

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TI7 – Costa Rica

Bill AEØEE, Matt KØBBC and Paul W6PNG will be active from Las Villas del Guayabo, Costa Rica as TI7/AE0EE, TI7/K0BBC and TI7/W6PNG between February 27 to March 6, 2019. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB/FT8. Participation in the ARRL SSB...

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TE8DX – Chira Island, NA-116

NEWS UPDATE – The TE8DX team is now QRT from Chira Island with 6,152 unique callsigns in the log. We want to thank everyone for the QSOs which made this expedition a lot of fun for us. 73 de TE8DX QRT tu JUNE 8, 2017...

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Costa Rica Buddipole DXpedition

John, W5EXJ informs DX-World that “Buddipole is returning to Costa Rica for a 2016 Costa Rica Buddipole DXpedition. They will be at the same location as in 2014 & 2015, at Las Villas del Guayabo which in the foothills...

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TI5/W4TTT – Costa Rica

Look for WB2REM, KE2D and WA8NJR to be active from San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica between October 26 to November 2, 2016. QRV mainly in CQWW SSB contest as TI5/W4TTT. Outside the contest TI5/homecalls. QRV on 160-6m,...

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