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V633KS & V633ZH – Chuuk, F.S.M

NEWS UPDATE – Susumu, JA6REX will again be QRV as V633KS from March 19 to April 3, 2017. Activity on 80m and 160m this time. August 29, 2016 – Susumu, JA6REX and Toshiya, JH6ZHZ will be active from Chuuk (Truk)...

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V63AN – Chuuk Island, OC-011

After his V73HA activity from Majuro Atoll, Bert, CX3AN will be active from Chuuk Island OC-011 as V63AN between June 7-9, 2016. QRV holiday-style on 40-6m, CW/SSB. QSL via EB7DX.  

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Chuuk and Kwajalein DXpedition

Keith GM4YXI and Chris GM3WOJ will again be active as V6Z from Chuuk OC-011 and also possibly as V7? from Kwajalein OC-028 during the period 14th October to 30th October 2016. Activity will include a V6Z Multi-2 entry from...

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V650XG – Micronesia

REMINDER – Celebrating his 50th anniversary in Ham Radio, look for Haru JA1XGI to be active with special call V650XG from the following islands: May 9-15, 2014 – Pohnpei OC-010 First week in December 2014 –...

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V63XG – Chuuk, Micronesia

REMINDER — Haru, JA1XGI will be active from Chuuk, OC-011 as V63XG between December 4-12, 2013. QRV on 160 to 10M, CW/SSB/RTTY. Looking for EU on 80 & 160. Webpage...

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