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FT5ZM – Fundraising

Currently, the FT5ZM team has raised $282K out of $400K for the DXpedition to go ahead. Whilst DX World.net is not affiliated to FT5ZM in any form, we are of the belief that for a DXpedition of this magnitude – including...

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Operating sites for FT5ZM

From the Amsterdam Island DXpedition website We have been assigned two operating sites on the north end of the island. One site, a shelter called Mataf, is located just northeast of the base. It is over 400 feet from the sea and...

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INDEXA Amsterdam Island Announcement

INDEXA is pleased to announce that we are generously supporting the just announced major DXpedition to Amsterdam Island, FT/Z. The DXpedition call will be announced later. Amsterdam Island is currently ranked #4 on the DX...

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FT/Z – Amsterdam Island

Team: K0IR, 9V1YC, EY8MM, FM5CD, HK1R, K4UEE, K9CT, LA6VM, N4GRN, N6HC, VE3EJ, VE7CT, W6IZT and WB9Z. Full Press Release. TAAF issued a permit to land and conduct a DXpedition from Amsterdam Island for up to 18 days between the...

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