[NEWS UPDATE] Last few days, T33KC has been active on 14.183, generally between the hours of 0500-0900z. Full info on this activity is below. 

[NOVEMBER 27] via Rebel DX Group Facebook page

For those who want to exchange quick report with T33KC, Kaam. He will operate on:

    1. 14.183
    2. 18.140
    3. 21.200
    4. 24.940
    5. 28.450
    6. 7.163

He can only operate on those freq. And he will only give aprox report as he’s using a Barett 930, professional HF radio with around 125 to 150W. No s-signal scale and only freq. Please try very slowly. He is still little shy! Most of the time on ANZA net from 05.00 utc. Will soon make a list operation on other freq. for the first 30 days till he gets more familiar with everything. He is using 40-20 dipoles between 2 towers and 10, 12, 15, 17 Multi-band vertical.

Picture is of Kaam and Dom during little radio training (credit 3Z9DX).

[NOVEMBER 20] This new info recently appeared on the Rebel DX Group Facebook page. Good to read a new resident operator is on the island:

For last three days we have a new ham operating on the ANZA net 14.183. His name is Kaam, and is a local Banaba resident and emergency communication officer. He’s operating under our second callsign of T33KC. His new callsign will be delivered soon from the Kiribati telecom department – T33KK. We set up two towers and two antennas for him for 20m and 40m. He will be everyday on 14.183 during the ANZA net and monitoring 7.163 at the local, Banaba evening time. Please spell your callsign slowly for him. He is using Barrett radio so can’t check  signal report; he will use 5/9. Kaam and his wife are very helpful here. Helping our small team as much they can.