October 4 @ 19:45z. The team’s now on the island. All ok. Updates when they arrive.

October 4 @ 16:30z. The team’s approaching Kanton Island. It’s darkness there now so will be some hours before getting ashore and setting up first antennas. Tracker


October 2 @ 20:45z – The team continue their journey to Kanton. Progress has slowed due to harsh weather in the vicinity – resulting in a delay of 2 days to reach T31. All aboard are fine and send their greetings to the DX world.

September 26 – Yacht is ready for departure to Kanton Island. Mec, SP7VC (pictured) is also ready! Track them here


September 23 – Currently active as 5W0DOI, 5W0VC and 5W9DX, look for Team T31T to sign /MM while sailing to Kanton Island. They leave port on Tuesday (September 27) with the voyage taking 5-6 days to reach T31.