NEWS UPDATE — T31T Kanton Island Expedition part 2

Following our DXpedition to Kanton Island (Central Kiribati) in 2016, we decided to come back to this extraordinary place this year – with a new plan and resources.

Next to a typically ham radio focused activity, we wish to connect our radio project with humanitarian aid mission addressed to the little, isolated community of Kanton Atoll. It’s inhabited by as little as 24 persons and their needs are often forgotten by local authorities and rest of the world.

Apart from ham radio activity, our other goal is to focus on delivering a new gears and equipment needed for monitoring and prevention of natural disasters (such as early warning system of cyclones, earthquakes, tsunami). There are also necessary repairs to be done to the old, existing equipment. Without proper technical backup, the Kanton’s friendly and most welcoming community will be much more exposed to natural disasters and climate change side effects.There is also no fresh water on Kanton.

Water maker machine will be very helpful for locals (they are using rain water to drink).

If you want to support Kanton community, you can send paypal using button on our web page. Entire donations will be used for local community only.

Our journey will begin around May 10th from Samoa. We plan to launch 2 stations operating FT8 24h non-stop + 3 more SSB/CW stations. We still have 5 seats to take by an organized group or individual amateurs.bMore information available upon email requests sent to

Join our team and experience this extraordinary adventure with us.
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The Rebel DX Team

OCTOBER 22, 2016 – T31T team arrived Apia, Samoa and logs are uploaded to Club Log. Dom informs they are planning to be active from Kanton Island again during May – June 2017 for 4 weeks to finish the EMCOM system and repair the SAT Seismic station.



October 21 @ 0630z – The team will soon be approaching Apia, Samoa. Once back on land, logs will be uploaded to Club Log.

October 15 @ 14:15z   – They’ve made 30,200 QSO with a few hours to go – the team QRT tomorrow morning (their time). Boat Tracker

Club Log and OQRS will be uploaded/opened when they get back to Samoa (5W). Approximately 7-10 days from now.

The local police officer and new Ham Radio op they’re leaving the radio/antenna setup for has been brought up to speed and will be stopping by the 20 Meter ANZA DX Net in the future (T31KNT).  He has no plans to operate pileups for now.  They’re emergency preparedness training has been completed.  Dom also mentioned the rats are bigger than cats and walk over them when they’re sleeping! [tnx N0UN]

October 12 @ 21:30z – They have made 22500 QSOs in just over 6 days. They especially stress this is 3-man DXpedition (and not 15 or 20 operators). Their minimum target is 25000 QSOs.

As mentioned previously, they are watching the weather forecasts constantly. In the event of serious trouble they are going to leave the island. Currently this means they might stay 2 more days or slightly longer.

October 12 @ 16:40z – We just received word from Dom 3Z9DX and the Rebel DX Team.

Due to a typhoon approaching on the horizon, the team were being kindly advised by local citizens to get their boat ready for departure soon. The team will decide upon this issue within the next 24-48 hours, but it looks like T31T will not be on air as long as planned.

October 10 @ 17:15z – After 4.5 days of operations, over 16K QSOs have been made by the team. The satellite connection is very slow and unstable, therefore logs will only be uploaded once they return to Samoa. Their location is the port area of the island. The path/road to the village is now cut off by water meaning they wade neck deep to get drinking water. QRV for at least another 2 weeks.

October 7 @ 22:15z – RTTY operations are real; not pirate. Dom 3Z9DX is the RTTY op. Spiderbeam also now set up.

Note: As for the length of stay – the cyclone season has started earlier so they must be careful not to stay too long or they will be stuck for some 5 months.

Currently QRV for another 2 weeks. News updates to follow..

October 6 @ 22:20z – Recording by Wayne N0UN in QSO with Dom 3Z9DX @ T31T. All going well. Low bands soon. Focus on 80/160/EU. Thanks to Wayne for recording for DX-World readers.

October 5 @ 21:15z – T31T is now QRV

August 22 — Polish operators 3Z9DX, SP3DOI and SP7VC (from REBEL DX GROUP) will visit Kanton Island in Central Kiribati late September 2016. They are going for 4-6 weeks trip to do radio activity and volunteer any help to the local community, including Radio Emergency Communication System. The residents don’t have any type of communication with the rest of the world at this moment, and in case of any disaster or health problems, they can only count on themselves.

The team would like to make aware this is not a $100,000 trip as it does not need to be! They are not begging for any donation up front as travelling around the Pacific is not that expensive, contrary to what many teams suggest. Their budget is ”packet-budget” and is enough to do activations from very rare places.

For future reference, if you think that people in other remote parts of the world can use their help and expertise then let them know.