IMPORTANT UPDATE – It’s transpired – even though the TIGHAR website makes mention that radio operations were also to be “land based” – T31LP is operating onboard the “Nai’a” [vessel above, right side of image], which is near the SS Norwich City, just offshore Nikumaroro island.

This means T31LP is NOT good for DXCC or IOTA. In QSO with N0UN, you can listen and hear Lee clearly state all radio operations so far have been from the boat. There is a chance he may yet try put his “feet on the sand”.

As of June 13th, Lee Paynter, KA3WRB is now QRV as T31LP from the Republic of Kiribati. He is there as part of the TIGHAR Amelia Earhart project.

Initially operating as T31LP/MM when sailing from Fiji to Nikumaroro, Lee is now land based and expects to be active when time permits until approx. June 26th.

You can find out more details by listening to this recording below by Wayne, N0UN. Also keep up to date with daily plans and radio operating schedule here