Now that T31T is finished, and reading the earlier info below, T31KNT did indeed receive operator training using a donated Alinco DX-8SR transceiver. Here’s a few videos.

September 26, 2016 – Wayne, N0UN passes the following info:

I spoke with Dom 3Z9DX/5W9DX just a few minutes ago. He is currently in Apia, Samoa. It was 5AM his local time Tuesday Sep 26.

They are leaving this afternoon and expect a 6-7 day voyage to T31. On the way they will operate at T31T/MM.

Looking through notes I took, here’s a brief overview:

They will be setting up and leaving a fully operational station (with antennas) on T31. The callsign of the new station will be T31KNT. They will train a local “public official” in Amateur Radio operations. This specific op already has some VHF marine experience. To gain “on the air” radio experience he will most likely check into the ANZA Net on 20 Meters from time to time before setting up to get obliterated in pileups!

To date Dom has received a grand total of $185 in advance donations for this T31 DXpedition (plus $1,000 EU donation from for leave behind station and local humanitarian supplies). All (air/vessel, radios, amps, antenna, etc.) expenses have been paid out of pocket by Dom and team.