MARCH 18 – The DXpedition is now over and we went QRT at 17:37 UTC on 5th March 2019 with 39.161 QSOs in the log. It was an unforgettable adventure to a forgotten island of the earth. We are now back in Germany or the Netherlands. We all thank you for making a QSO with us, and sharing the adventure Kanton 2019. It was a long exhausting journey to the South Pacific with a great logistical effort and many imponderables, but finally we made it. We enjoyed warm hospitality of the very friendly residents of the island and are richer by another adventure. [Read more..]


MARCH 5, 2019

MARCH 3, 2019 – With 2 days to go the team have made over 34000 QSOs.

Airport and shack at T31EU (credit PA3EWP)

Operations at T31EU

FEBRUARY 28, 2019 (credit EUDXF) – Yesterday was a better day in particular on 30m and 40m. The generator causes interference on the RX Beverage. An additional K9AY receiving antenna was to added to overcome this issue and further improve reception on the low bands. On all bands there is high static QRN which makes reception not so easy. The team is working with two high power stations; they lost one amplifier. A possible third signal comes from a 100W radio. Tonight they hope to pass the 30K mark in the log.

FEBRUARY 27 @ 0900Z – Picture below is of T31EU team member Joe, DK5WL showing local school-children on Kanton Island what amateur radio is. (credit PA3EWP)

FEBRUARY 25 @ 0700Z – This update is credit EUDXF

  • The high QRM-QRN level due to heavy rain the past few days giving them trouble.
  • Due to technical reasons they can only run 2 high power stations for the moment.
  • Now the 160 contest is over they will be back on top-band.
  • The “Kanton Island Internet Café” is a 15 minute walk from the shack and has limited opening hours, so log updates are limited.

FEBRUARY 24 @ 0800Z – Latest T31EU logs uploaded to Club Log. Ronald PA3EWP says there’s some problems with WSJT Fox mode so not all QSOs are in the ADIF file.

During heavy rain there’s a lot of static with S7 noise level making it almost impossible to work Europe on 80m. Later today T31EU will be on top band after the 160m CQWW SSB contest, and 80CW too.

FEBRUARY 17 @ 10:40Z – T31EU is now QRV.

(nice use of DX-World in this video – thanks! ^)

FEBRUARY 16 @ 10:30Z – As the team wait to depart for Kanton tomorrow (local time) today they did some sightseeing on Tarawa (T30). Pictures by Ronald, PA3EWP.

FEBRUARY 15 @ 0700Z – T31EU DXpedition is delayed by ~24 hours due bad weather.

FEBRUARY 14 @ 2130z – Yesterday, in Tarawa, the team collected antenna equipment and a generator and took it to the aircraft. Ronald PA3EWP says, after meeting with PIPA officials: “Fingers crossed about additional 60m license (today more info)“. Saturday morning (local) the team leave Tarawa at 0700 o’clock. It’s a 4 hour flight to Kanton. As always, pictures credit PA3EWP.

FEBRUARY 13 @ 0300z – Team recently arrived Honiara, Solomon Isl and await connection to Tarawa (T30).

Credit: PA3EWP

Credit PA3EWP

FEBRUARY 12 @ 13.45z – T31EU team now in Brisbane, VK4. In a few hours they will depart for H44, Solomon Islands then finally on to T31.

Credit PA3EWP

FEBRUARY 11 – Yesterday, February 10th, the T31EU team left their respective homes and started the long journey to Kanton Island. Picture below shows them at Frankfurt airport prior to flight to Brisbane via Abu Dhabi (photo taken by team member PA3EWP).

Kanton Island, home for the T31EU team during February 16-March 5, 2019.

FEBRUARY 5, 2019 — Last week there was an operator change for our DXpedition to T31EU. Unfortunately, Wolfgang DM2AUJ had to cancel his trip to Kanton due medical reasons.We have found another operator who will joins us, it is Norbert DF6FK. Norbert is an SSB and Digi operator and has been regularly active from the Pacific in recent years. There is also an updated frequency plan on our website. Some frequencies have been adjusted to avoid overlap with XX9D DXpedition. Furthermore, everything is still going according to plan.

OCTOBER 16, 2018 — From 16 February until 5th of March 2019 a group of 6 operators will be active from Kanton Island as T31EU. The license is confirmed by CCK and they have permission from the Phoenix Island Protected Area (PIPA).

Operators: DL2AWG Guenter, DL6JGN Hans, DJ9RR Heye, DM2AUJ Wolf, DK5WL Joe and PA3EWP Ronald. Operating from 10-160m in the main modes CW, SSB, RTTY and some FT8. QSL via DL2AWG. Before and after the DXpedition we will be active from Tarawa T30, (holiday style).