T30D UPDATE – Everything is on schedule 4 weeks before our expedition starts at the end of September.

As already announced our group will run four stations 24/7. Also one or two more well equipped stations can be used from time to time and as back-up. Only one station will be possible on each band at the same time because we have only one antenna location. The antenna setup includes 3 spiderbeams, a 4 element for 6 m, several full size loops and verticals and small amplifiers. Our main targets are lots of radio contacts with far away Europe, but we will not forget the hams from other parts of the world. A serious effort is planned on all bands 160 to 6 m and modes CW, SSB and RTTY. We decided to change the previous announced 10m-SSB-Frequency from 28.445 to 28.465 MHz to avoid conflicts at the IOTA frequency 28460 kHz with our split. The most wanted bands and modes are known and will be considered. Right now we have no plans to take part in any contests to a full extend. If we have a good internet access we will do a daily log update at club log

The T30D crew is overwhelmed and grateful for the great support of many Ham Radio Foundations and individual hams. Special thanks go to sponsors who have made a donation in advance. This helped a lot with early expedition costs. Our crew also want to thank the DL7DF-crew and DL9GFB for material help.

One last challenge was to receive the confirmation from the involved airlines for oversize and excess baggage which is not only extremely expensive but also a long process.

Keep your fingers crossed for a high FLUX and good conditions. We look forward to receive messages of good and unexpected band openings during our stay and therefore we will check our email several times a day.

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