Last week, Bob VK2RG was active as T2RG from Tuvalu. Today he drops DX-World an update including good news that Tuvalu now has a resident ham operator.

Tuvalu is over, lots of interesting QSOs, but there is an interesting twist to this story, one which I must admit was on the agenda all along. Tuvalu now has a local resident who holds a ham license. (I’m not sure if this is first time ever subject to further investigation). Talia Kofe, who I have had professional contact with since 2002, has been convinced to get on the air and with 35 plus years in the communications industry has now been licensed at T2TT. His rig is a little primitive, a Furuno ship radio, runs 100 watts SSB with plans to use JT65. I left my multiband dipole along with a pile of other stuff to get his station on air. It certainly cut back on my excess baggage bill!

More interest still exists on Tuvalu, with technical guys coming out of the woodwork enquiring about ham radio. I expect some of the government’s IT department, broadcast technicians and even the airport supervisor to soon be studying for a license. The aim is to start getting the youth interested. The crazy cost and poor quality of the local internet is going to benefit ham radio growth.

Tuvalu is slowly sinking into the Pacific, open to destruction by cyclones and tsunamis, where Amateur Radio absolutely has its place in terms of helping during emergencies.

I have donated an Ultimate 3 kit with GPS, this will put a WSPR beacon on 20mx soon. If anyone else can help this new emerging group get off the ground it would be greatly appreciated.


Bob also informs he’s about to sort out his trip to Majuro, Marshall Islands and Tarawa, Kiribati for later this month. Exact details and callsigns will be supplied as soon as he knows them.