T10VB – Transnistria

    UPDATE — After some deliberation, due to the sensitive nature of T10VB activity, you may want to take a look at images of Transnistria displayed on the Facebook page of Irina, wife of Vlad UA4WHX.

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    August 30, 2013 — Following short reply from Vlad was received earlier after DX World contacted him yesterday:

    Yes, I am in Transnistria. And this place is as much Moldova (for the smart comments) as North Korea would be to South Korea. Very important to understand. The rest I will explain later..

    World traveller, Vladimir Bykov UA4WHX, has been active on 17/20/30/40m as T10VB from Transnistria.

    Last month, UA4WHX – a CQ DX & Contest Hall of Fame Inductee – was guest author for DX World.net

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