Kostas SV1DPI informs DX-World readers about SY2A log.


Monk Apollo some time ago gave me a photo copy of his log SY2A. This was a special call to celebrate 10 years on the air. After a year and more, me (SV1DPI) and SV1CIB, typed his log and we have it in electronic format now. I uploaded the log to Clublog and soon will upload it to LotW also (I need to get a certificate). The link for Clublog search is here. If you check the log and you are not in, while you think it should be, please send me an email (find it in qrz.com under SV1DPI). Please note that I have not any cards and any requests for a card, should go direct to: Monk Apollo, Docheiariou Monastery, GR-63087, Mount Athos, Greece.