A few weeks ago, DX-World ran a survey to establish which SWODXA DXpedition of the Year would become outright winner over a 30 year period. Today, now the survey is closed, we can reveal that over 1300 votes in total were cast. Hearty congratulations to the overall winner:


A quick reminder that each DXpedition chosen in this survey was selected because it had won the coveted SWODXA DXpedition of the Year, stretching back to 1989 in this case. 

We make clear there are indeed very many worthwhile DXpeditions over the years which were not even listed which prompted some comments as to why not. It was intimated at the time that perhaps someone else or other DX news service may like to make an alternative DXpedition of DXpeditions survey, but nobody came forward. Thus, SWODXA was used in this instance. Congrats again to VK0IR.

  1. VK0IR – Heard Island.

  2. BS7H – Scarborough Reef.

  3. 3Y5X – Bouvet.

  4. VK0EK – Heard Island.

  5. 3Y0X – Peter 1.

PS: On May 26th, TI9A was removed from the list due to an error. Since the DXpeditions listed cover a period 1989 to 2019, as we all know TI9A took place in 2020. Sorry for any confusion initially.