UPDATE to our initial Breaking News, courtesy N0UN.

Zorro’s Greek work team has returned to Greece. He is alone on Mount Athos until his scheduled departure on Monday, April 28th. Monk Apollo returned to Mount Athos today and they had a very good meeting. Zorro and his team were able to install a new tower, but the SteppIR antenna is still broken. There are two issues with the antenna. One is the SteppIR motor is intermittent, the other is the Control Box is not functioning properly. Zorro could not get the SteppIR to work as it should. More repairs will be required. In the meantime, he hung a 15 & 20 Meter dipole from the tower.

Monk Apollo plans to operate Sunday morning (April 27th) with Zorro at his side from around 0800/0900Z for one hour or so. Frequency unknown. This is all the time Elder Apollo has for radio operations as he is busy with his duties on Mount Athos. As far as Zorro operating alone from Mount Athos while Monk Apollo is tasked, that is not a decision that can be made by Monk Apollo or Zorro. There is a 20 Monk committee that must approve any and all communications operations. 14 of 20 committee votes are needed to allow any such endeavor. Monk Apollo is all for furthering the hobby from Mount Athos, but it is not his decision.

April 21 @ 19:15z

Whilst Zorro was working a 40m SSB pileup, Monk Apollo SV2ASP/A called him. From their conversation it soon transpired that Zorro will visit Mt Athos on April 23rd. At this stage it’s unknown if he will QRV from there.

Zorro JH1AJT is currently active from Amoliani Isl EU-174 as SV8/KH0WF/P.