NEWS UPDATE – A few weeks ago Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A, had some medical tests done and doctors found a problem. He has since had surgery on his head and is now recovering.

Kostas, SV1DPI informs: “Monk Apollo had some medical tests about one month ago and doctors told him that they need to make a surgery on his head. He made it at 21 September. He went out of hospital after a week at 28 September. He was in Sohos monastery (outside Mount Athos) until Tuesday (4 October) when he visited doctors again. Normally he is back in Mount Athos right now. I talked him before he went to doctors on Tuesday – he told me that he was expected to go back in Athos the next day. He’s in very good health, very optimistic (he was working when I talked with him on last Monday) and I hope ready for new QSOs soon!”