Egyptian Radio Amateur Society (ERASD) together with National Telecommunications Radio Authority (NTRA) of Egypt, are jointly announcing a special event and permit of SU8X and SU8WRC to conduct operations from the city of Sharm El Sheikh in Southern Egypt, the venue of WRC.

Operations will begin on this Friday evening with participation in the CQWW Contest as SU8X, and following the opening of the WRC on Monday as SU8WRC.

The team is headed by Said, SU1SK, the president of ERASD, and his associates, Tarek, SU2TA and Yasset, SU3YM whom are also all attending the WRC as a part of the NTRA delegation. This is a historical day for ERASD as along with this event and operations, several new privileges have been authorized, such as 6M for the first time for this event.

ERASD has invited the folks of Radio Arcala of Finland, OH8X, to join them as their honorary guests and experts for sharing Amateur Radio with their partners from evolving countries, normally off of amateur radio’s beaten track, who could further benefit on Amateur Radio. Martti, OH2BH and Niko, OH2GEK will represent OH8X and also make an amateur radio show-case at their dedicated executive radio show-room.

After the opening of WRC and the CQWW the team will also entertain Amateur Radio operators as part of their national delegations to WRC as well as those sun tanning hams that are enjoying the venue at the beautiful tourist destination of Sharm El Sheikh. The special event site can be contacted from Monday morning onward at [email protected]
The WRC is a culmination of the set Amateur Radio 2.0 where travelling hams and their supporters team up for a good cause, bring in their resources to remote societies at large.

Those behind this new approach are INDEXA’s Ralph Fedor, K0IR, Seisa’s Zorro Myazawa, JH1AJT and the Radio Arcala team, all of which also support ERASD and this special event.
WRC has participation from all of the world’s ITU member countries, DX rare and regular. Isn’t it only fair that regulars step forward and help those rare ones in need, and make them active – also DX-wise? And hopefully become supportive of Amateur Radio on the long run.