Many thanks to Tami, OM5MF of the Low Bands Contest Club (OM7M) who took part in a DXpedition to Pemba Island AF-063 during February 6-18, 2020 as 5H4WZ.  This link (safe) has many pictures and complete story for you to download.

Tami says..

..the pictures are mix of our DXpedition. In photos you can see difference between high and low tide on similar pictures, countryside, people, Sunrise and Sunset..

We were on the air from 160-10m CW, SSB, RTTY & FT8 and we took part in the ARRL DX CW and CQ WPX RTTY contests.

Our journey began at Vienna Airport.

We flew to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, from there to Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, and continued on a small plane to Pemba AF-063. Our QTH was in Misali Sunset Beach, situated in Chake Chake bay. We were mostly alone in the resort, so we had a ham paradise on the Earth! There were no problems with the location of the antennas. Nice natural environment, nice staff and good food.

We arrived safely but with too many problems. Our luggage was lost somewhere between Vienna-Addis Ababa and Zanzibar. This had one of the most important items (Titanex vertical and 2 fiber poles) so we started to operate in improvised style (wire antennas). We found a native who climbed a tree and tied a wire antenna for 80m and 40m. Our luggage was found in a few days and we started working on the planned set-up.

We lost four days on 160m due lost luggage. Titanex was found on 9.2.2020 and we built it on 10.2.2020. We alternately worked on 80 and 160m. We focused on CW real mode. We used FT8 mode as additional mode or in time if propagation was really bad.

Temperature outside was 35 C with huge humidity. Electricity blackout was on regular basis.

We were an international team from OM, OK, SP and 9A countries. We had 7 operators.

OM5ZW – Lubo, team leader

OK2WM – Karel

SP9LJD – Leszek

9A5N – Neno

OM5MF – Tami

OM5AA – Steve

OM4AZF – Jozef

Our pilot station was OM4MM Martin

73 and 88 Tami OM5MF