Following info was recently posted on the SP7IDX Hexbeam website:

We regret to inform you that Waldi SP7IDX passed away suddenly on 04/04/2021. He was the heart and soul of SP7IDX Hexbeam Technology. It is a loss that is hard for us to recover from.

At the same time, we would like to inform all customers of the company who have placed an order or plan to do so that we are currently organizing Waldi’s corporate and personal matters. Due to the completely sudden and unexpected death of Waldi and the long legal procedures in Poland, it may unfortunately take some time.

We will do our best to fulfill orders already placed. Due to the enormous know-how that only Waldi had, this may take some time. At the moment, we are organizing official and financial matters. In the next one, we will decide on steps related to orders, which we will keep you informed about.

Please be patient and understanding. For our part, we will do everything to ensure that Waldi retains the highest respect and good name in the radio industry.

APRIL 4, 2021 – We are very sad to report that well known Hexbeam antenna maker and IOTA expeditioner, Waldi SP7IDX, has become Silent Key. He was recently recovering from contracting Covid and sadly passed away due to a heart attack. RIP, Waldi.