We quite liked this story originally found on eHam and re-post here to a larger audience. It’s about a 30 year wait for a TJ1RP QSL card explained by the operator Richard VE2CH.

When I returned from Cameroon in 1991, we had to pack our bags quickly and a very short time. I had put all my QSLs and my logbook in a box. When I got home, I didn’t find this box anywhere. I was quite discouraged, since I had nothing else to confirm any qso from there.

About 2 months ago, being locked up at home because of COVID-19, I was cleaning the attic, and, surprise, I found my box with my logbook, the QSLs that had been sent to me, and a bunch of cards from the bureau. I decided to answer everyone. Directs firstly. I am now responding to those from the bureau. There are still a few thousand to do !!!

I am aware that a number will come back, as people move and some are QRT, but I think it is my duty to respond to all of them. Cameroon is still a rare country, and I’m sure this will help some to get their DXCC. (Personally, I don’t have it yet! Hi!)

It was really a great experience to be on the other side of the “pile-up”.