My name is Wisam  (Sam). I’m newly licensed Iraqi Radio Amateur from Baghdad – Iraq, and my call sign YI1WWA.

I recently established the Facebook page below to share my humble radio operations activities and information with other radio ham operators and DXers. The second purpose for this page that we intend to use it as forum of learning and cooperation between new Iraqi radio amateurs and others.

The link to the Facebook page:

I also established very recently a YouTube channel for the purpose of sharing information about my radio activity and the hobby in Iraq. The link to my channel:

My page link is:

I would highly appreciate your kind support for both (the Facebook page and the YouTube channel). Me and all the radio amateurs in Iraq are eager to communicate, cooperate and establish contacts with other all radio amateurs around the glob.

Finally, allow me so wish you all success and the best with your activities.

Best Regards
Wisam (Sam)