UPDATEFantastic! Exciting offers of items for auction are coming in. We’ll keep you updated periodically on progress.

10644344_856726234373568_2345062030632125735_oThis year DX-World will again be present at Friedrichshafen, Germany. We had a great time last year and hope to replicate our enjoyment at the end of June.

As you may know, we’re always looking to support IOTA DXpeditions with some extra $$, so this year we have come up with a plan to auction some items we received from team members of various DXpeditions from the last few months.

All going well we will have signed flags from K1N – Navassa, FT4TA – Tromelin, EP6T – Iran, TI9/3Z9DX – Cocos Island, 3G0ZC – Juan Fernandez Island, PQ0T – Trindade island, H44NT – Solomon Islands, T88GI/TI/XX – Tobi Island OC-296 NEW, V6Z – Micronesia plus some more by the time June arrives.

The auction plan is still in the early planning stages and we look to you, readers of DX-World, to help us with ideas (or even products you may wish to donate) to generate that extra revenue we can then share amongst future IOTA DXpeditions.

For example, Kenneth OZ1IKY has kindly donated three bottles of sand – see below. Let’s call them “Sands of DX!”. One from TX5K, the other from TO7CC and final one from 3G0ZC. Of course this is really to raise a smile, but we think some people may quite like to see these bottles in their shack via our auction.

With a few months remaining, please get in touch if you have something unique or quirky you would be willing to donate for auction to raise funds for future IOTA DXpeditions.

Thanks a lot, DX-World Team.