The following (translated) appears on the Radio Club de Chile (CE3AA) webpage:

On September 6, 2016, Radio Club of Chile, represented by its President Dr. Galdino Besomi, Vice President and Don Jose Tijoux, have held a meeting with Admiral Don Arturo Undurraga Contra Chief of the First Naval Zone, whose outcome can inform the Chilean amateur radio community and interested foreigners in the expedition to Isla San Felix that has been advertised in various DX news sites and and led by Mr. Felipe Gutierrez CE5WQO for which would have been extended authorization of landing on the island showing off documents that accredits:

  • That the Navy of Chile considers that such documents are false.
  • The Navy has initiated legal action in this regard.

It is therefore evident that the advertised DXpediton is false and that besides the alleged widespread authorization by SUBTEL for this purpose and circulating in different media it would also be false.