Many have asked about the  impact COVID-19 could have to the Sable Island Dxpedition scheduled for October. We are routinely in contact with Parks Canada and cautiously optimistic for October at this time.  Certainly, matters can change quickly.  

However, if the DXpedition schedule is delayed due to COVID-19 regulations, we have been assured by Parks Canada that they will work with us to reschedule.  The team has been polled, and all agree that they will be able to comply to revised dates.   Currently the border between Canada and USA is closed until June 21.  Shortly after that date, we hope to have a firm decision for October assuming no additional regulations for travel, etc are placed into effect. 

CY0C website

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Slight date change. Now scheduled for October 19-28, 2020. In addition, K4ZLE joins the team.

FEBRUARY 9, 2020

Planning countdown has begun as we look forward to mid-October. It took a year and half to acquire a permit due to change in Administration and unique new requirements. We plan a significant size team which is full of challenges. One big matter is the charter aircraft required which will need to make two trips to get everyone, supplies, and equipment to the island. VERY EXPENSIVE! Of course we plan activity on standard bands, but also 60m, SAT, EME, FT8. There hasn’t been any CW activity from Sable in seven years.

Generally, the teams in previous operations have been limited to 3-5 operators. We are planning 10 operators for 9 days. We will operate as much as the bands permit for 24 hours with four stations. Please keep in contact with our website. Any size donation will be very helpful and appreciated more than we can express. In addition to the chartered aircraft specially equipped to land on the beach, the Facility USE FEE is $30,000 (New).

The complete team is listed on the web site which includes the same team that provided CY9C – St. Paul in 2019. In addition, added to this Sable team is: N2TU, K4UEE, K4ZLE, K5YY, N8AA.

Don’t miss the St. Paul video posted on the website…we believe you will enjoy it and if you worked us, then fun to view the operation. Also, you are welcome to download the video for your personal use to share with clubs, etc …the instructions for downloading are listed on the web.

NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Website now available. Dates: October 15-24, 2020. Team: WA2DAN, N2IEN, K5DHY, K5YY, K4UEE, WW2DX, AA4NC, N8AA, N2TU.

Permission for a Dxpedition has been authorized for Fall of 2020.

Some time ago, we had scheduled fall of 2019 for Sable. Due to circumstances we had to reschedule to 2020. Hopefully this will be better for propagation. The permit process took over a year of emailing, phone calls, and furnishing documents. Sable at this point is no longer easily “permitted” for Ham Radio DXpeditions, as the policies have changed with the change in administration. In fact our permit finally was graciously authorized as a “one time special use permit”. We believe that it is very probable that permits in the future may be essentially “nil” for a very long time. Among other policies, visitors to the island are not permitted overnight stays. Thankfully, we have been authorized to stay there for 7 – 8 days ($300 per person per day). We are grateful and excited and look forward to meeting the challenge of a sizeable operation as if it were the last one for a very long time.