By CY0C team

The Sable Island CY0C DXpedition team was informed this week by the Parks Canada-Sable Island manager that our scheduled October 2021 Sable DXpedition would have to be postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, because of the pandemic, Parks Canada is behind on their island maintenance projects and the Visitor Quarters will not be available for the DXpedition team. The Sable Island manager did extend an invitation to the team for October 2022, which the team unanimously accepted. 

Obviously, the Sable Island DXpedition team is disappointed in not being able to follow through with the 2021 CY0C DXpedition. Hopefully the solar numbers and propagation will be much improved in October 2022.

Since the 2021 CY0C DXpedition is not possible, the Sable DXpedition team is offering a couple of options to the many foundations, clubs and individuals who have already sent financial support. We are offering complete refunds to those who request a refund. If you would like us to apply your contribution to the 2022 CY0C DXpedition, that will be available as well.

Any refund requests should be directed to WA4DAN.

The CY0C team would like to thank the many foundations, clubs and individuals for their continuing support. Perseverance will pay off!

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