MARCH 26 — S21ZEE went off the air March 26, 18:00 GMT when the license expired. In total over 50 000 QSOs were logged with both DX-pedition callsigns according to the latest Clublog upload. However not all QSOs are uploaded to Clublog yet, despite the last QSO time in Clublog is minute before the end of the operation. So please be patient – it might be that your QSO is OK, but not uploaded yet. Logs from two QTHs are separate and are uploaded separately. Also Russian DX contest QSOs still seem to be not uploaded.

Tomorrow the team will take down antennas, pack and have a farewell dinner. March 28 morning they will take the bus to Dhaka. On March 29-30 the team will be back home – Ukraine and Latvia.

MARCH 24 — The DXpedition will go off the air on March 26 @ 18:00 GMT – local midnight – when the license expires. Until then, around and after local sunrise at 00:00 GMT, S21ZED is QRV on 20m for NA. This morning around 50 NA stations made it into the log. In total until the last Club Log upload there are around 41621 QSOs in the log.

MARCH 20 — On March 19 evening it starts to rain and the intensity gets stronger and stronger until it’s so intense that we have minor flood in our house. Wind gusts are pretty intense also and during the night one of Spiderbeams guy wires rips apart and the pole bends. We don’t stop operating because we have extra emergency tri-bander 14/21/28. In the morning March 20 rain stops and in 2 hours we fix Spiderbeam. [website]

MARCH 19 — Starting from March 19 18:00 GMT, S21ZEE call will be in use. S21ZED will not be used anymore. As written earlier this is due to the specifics of local regulations. Please treat both callsigns as one and do not call S21ZEE on bands/modes where you already have worked S21ZED – give others a chance.

QSOs made during Russian DX contest short activity are not yet uploaded to Clublog. Will be uploaded later.

More news and diary here

MARCH 18 –  The team was busy with antenna work. There were problems with setting up the 2nd QTH in the planned location – they were not allowed to put up antennas. New QTH has been found and setup.

Sometimes Club Log uploads might not include all QSOs made until the time of upload. Files are carried around in USB flash between QTHs and some QSOs might be uploaded later
during the first nights.

Cows broke one of the verticals. It was fixed next day. Power outages happen, sometimes 5-6 times per hour. On the night from 16th to 17th of March the team was not QRV on 160m – antenna problems. Pirate was operating for around 40 minutes on top-band.

Most of antenna works are completed. It is above +30 C outside. And forecast shows even more during the weekend.

Evening of March 17 – lots of QRN. And callers who call without hearing/listening make things even worse. Guys – please LISTEN. It will speed things up. Do not transmit if we are in the QSO. No “tail ending”. If you don’t hear us well enough to understand what’s going on – don’t transmit and wait for better propagation.

During the night March 17-18 beverage couldn’t be used on low bands, something/someone broke it. It was fixed next morning. Receiving on vertical transmit antenna is noisy. Attempt was made to enter Russian DX contest, but QSO rate was slow, and they are going back to DX-pedition mode of operation. The team is full of optimism.

Some antenna photos have been added here


Hello dear DX-World friends!

I just wanted to let you know that our planned DXpedition to Bangladesh (S21) finally has received long waited operation licence. DXpedition callsigns have changed and will be S21ZEE and S21ZED.

At this moment team is on its way to QTH in Kuakata, after arriving at destination they will have one day to set up all antennas and positions. Planned operation start is 00:00 March 15 local time, which is 18:00 GMT, March 14.

More info and pictures will be uploaded on our website

MARCH 12 — The team and equipment is in Istanbul airport, Turkey waiting for the final flight leg to Dhaka, Bangladesh. March 14 (Tuesday) they plan to spend setting up antennas.

The team plans to be on the air starting 00:00 March 15 local time, which is 18:00 GMT, March 14. They will be on the air until March 27, 2017

Two letter suffix callsigns mentioned earlier will not be used. Instead S21ZED callsign will be used during the first 7 days of DX-pedition, and S21ZEE will be used during the remaining 5 days.

This is caused by the specifics of the regulations in Bangladesh, and not because we want more duplicated QSOs in the log.

Please do not attempt to make QSOs with both of these callsigns on the same bands and modes. Please treat both callsigns as one, thus giving other fellow HAMs better chance to make their QSO with us, potentially All Time New One (ATNO).

For example, if you have worked S21ZED on 20m SSB, then later do not call S21ZEE on 20m SSB as this would be duplicated QSO. Webpage