OCTOBER 23 @ 0830z – S21ZAS now QRV from AS-127.

OCTOBER 22 @ 15:00z – The team has a lot of problems of different types on the island. They are all safe and all equipment ok, BUT NO activity today/tonight. Hopefully tomorrow. Derek G3KHZ says he will advise QSL manager SM6CVX soonest. (That means probably around 0700GMT Monday at earliest).

OCTOBER 22 @ 10:00z –  After encountering extreme weather / high seas, the team consisting of G3KHZ, G4EDG, DL6KVA, S21ED and S21TV are now set up on St Martin’s Island AS-127 and will be QRV soon as S21ZAS. QSL via SM6CVX.

OCTOBER 18 @ 0700Z – Last 24 hours of operation from Bhola Island, AS-140. Tomorrow the team move to St. Martin’s Island, AS-127. QSL via SM6CVX.

OCTOBER 13 — Activity started from AS-140 with S21ED and S21TV callsigns. S21ZDC became active on 13th October. AS-127 activity on schedule for October 21st.

Ops at S21ZDC

SEPTEMBER 28 – It is with great sadness that Hans, SM6CVX will be unable to come with us on the Dxpedition. Hans has been in hospital. ​We are pleased to report that he is recovering well but his doctor has advised him not to travel outside Sweden until November. Hans /SM6CVX will remain as QSL-manager for AS-127.

AUGUST 6, 2017 — A team of G3KHZ/Derek, SM6CVX/Hans, DL6KVA/Axel, G4EDG/Steve, S21ED/Tuhin and S21TV/Anup will be QRV from IOTA AS-127 and IOTA AS-140 in Bangladesh.

Operations starts around 13th of October and goes on until around 27th of October.

Activty on 40 to 15 meters. Vertical dipoles for each band. It’s an IOTA-expedition and CW and SSB will be used.

QSL for AS-127 goes to SM6CVX and for AS-140 to G3KHZ. QSL only via buro or direct as information on qrz.com.

Additional information on their website