Thanks to all the supporting organisations and hams around the world. With your support we have managed to do around 10,000 QSOs from 10m to 160m. We admit our preparation was not adequate and we failed to meet many of your expectations.

From our side we did our level best, living in small tents, operating under tarp all night long with cold wind, had to rest the single small genset every few hours, going to the woods for natures call. Carrying drinking water from km away where there is a tube-well in a small village. And volunteers cooking meal for us.

Challenges were mainly low power, inexperienced (to handle pileup, HF propagation etc) operator etc. As you already know there are very few active HF stations in Bangladesh (if any at all), we tried to give some S2 QSOs to the world. We may have failed many – but at least we made 10000 happy. Something is better than nothing.

Please remember that it’s a small local initiative with small budget. Many of you sent us email/spot suggesting propagation etc, we highly appreciate that. Those criticising and swearing in the cluster, please move on – find another better station to QSO. Or you can go out of the comfort of your house and start operating in remote places.

We should have mentioned Ken JN7FAH – who persuaded us to active 160m. We have done some QSO on 160m, thanks goes to Ken though he couldn’t manage a QSO.

We might activate another island if we feel for it someday in the future, till then – stay safe, happy DX,

73/88, S21RC
Dhal Char, Bhola, Bangladesh.
S21DX, AS-140, NL51iu

[DECEMBER 16 @ 1800z] – S21DX is now QRT. Special thanks to team member Raka for all the pictures showing the DXpedition in full flow. 

Note: S21RC has been active on 160m FT8 after 18:00z. This is because the S21DX license expired at that time, but the ops are still in situ, therefore some activity on Top Band taking place for the moment. 

[DECEMBER 16 @ 0700z] – The team are winding down operations today and plan to QRT soon. Check here to see if you’re in the current log upload. 

Today is also “Victory Day” in Bangladesh and here’s a little video taken by S21RC.

Credit: Raka

[DECEMBER 14 @ 18:50z] – Fazlay S21RC updates DX-World readers with the following news:

  • Internet connection is not so good. 
  • Due to location difficulties (remote area and island) it took longer than expected to install all antennas.
  • Two linear amplifiers had earlier failed, although both now appear to be fixed and working again.
  • New ham ops within the group have been very good help installing antennas, setting up stations etc, but they are not trained for HF pileups.
  • S21AM & S21RC doing most of the SSB QSOs.
  • 160m antenna is ready.
  • 12m BPF failed.
  • Team trying their best to give you QSO. 

[DECEMBER 14 @ 1355z] – Antenna checking and repairs earlier today on the island. A reminder that S21DX is QRV until December 16th. Listen to S21DX on 10m SSB

Credit: Raka

Credit: Raka

[DECEMBER 11 @ 0845z] – Activity continues with team QRV on 80-10m. Below is a picture gallery. As always, pictures credit team member Raka.


[DECEMBER 10 @ 1700z] – S21DX is now active on 10-15-20m, SSB & FT8. Team still assembling other antennas. Low bands soon. Here’s the latest pictures from Raka. 

[DECEMBER 10 @ 0700z] – S21DX started activity on 20m FT8 (F/H) followed by 10m FT8 (F/H). As soon as we get more info from the team, we’ll update here. Meanwhile, here’s another picture courtesy Raka.

[DECEMBER 9 @ 0900z] – It’s a work in progress for team S21DX. Pictures by team member Raka. First signals expected soon..

[DECEMBER 8] – Early preparations underway for the upcoming IOTA AS-140 activity. Previous updates below:

[DECEMBER 8] – At 0300z today, the team reached Bhola island. The second part of the journey by road will take approx 3 hours so all going well they hope to arrive Dal Char island by lunchtime (local). 

[DECEMBER 7] – S21DX team sent the heavy items (generator, masts, antennas, dry food, rice etc) this morning (December 7) towards Bhola Islands (volunteer Robiul is with the truck). Rest of the team will start the journey this evening (UTC 1200) on a public motor launch service. Tomorrow (midday local) they will unload the truck at Bhola island and reserve a fishing trawler and sail towards Dhal Char island. Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances two operators (S21TG and S21IT) had to drop out of the team.

[DECEMBER 4] Various recent news updates can be found on the official S21DX website, but today DX-World received a copy of the S21DX license for the upcoming AS-140 DXpedition. (Copy of license has been blurred). It was issued by National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Team also received a nice DX-World banner 🙂 A reminder this expedition is scheduled for December 10-16.