There’s an opening for up to three additional operators to join this DXpedition. The team currently consists of S21RC, S21AM and S21D.

The initial estimated budget is set at US $5000. So far they bare their own transportation and food costs (plus other logistics) costing around $2000. The remaining $3000 is needed for boat charter, aluminum and fiber-glass antennas / masts, generator and fuel. They are looking for contribution from HAMs around the world. See S21DX website on how to help. Scroll below for a flavour of their 2021 AS-140 DXpedition. 

MARCH 19, 2022 

Below is a video of the S21DX IOTA DXpedition to AS-140 by S21AM and S21RC. DX-World was very happy to be main media outlet for this activity, and will be again for the December 2022 activity. 

MARCH 7, 2022

In a meeting last week, the S21DX team finalized the antenna farm for their December 2022 IOTA DXpedition. It will consist of 8 antennas & 4 station (3 HF, 1 QO-100).

1) 80m Beverage towards NA/JA.
2) 80-10m (30/15m) 7 Band GP Vertical.
3) 40m VDA.
4) 20m VDA.
5) 12m VDA.
6) 20/15/10m 7 element Beam Towards NA/JA.
7) 20/15/10m 3 element Beam Towards EU/AF.
8) 3cm Parabolic for QO-100.

JANUARY 14, 2022

Thanks to QSL manager EB7DX here’s the S21DX QSL preview. Cards will be sent out very soon. 

NEWS UPDATE by S21DX Team (January 11)

Again we are planning to do more QSO from AS-140 this December 2022. For our last year’s IOTA AS-140 activation – we haven’t got much response and support till the last moment. We had to reduce the number of stations from our initial planned two to a single HF (as we couldn’t buy BPF, struggled to get fund for buying other essentials like batteries, generators etc.). Also we planned that we will stay as many days possible that our tight budget permits.

To our great surprise, after starting the activation, many of you started to reach us and started providing support, with your generosity we had completed the whole 7 days operation till the last minute as per our operating permit. We only wished if we could get those response earlier – we could have run one SSB and one FT8 at the same time and doubling our QSO counts. Though we managed to do 5,000+ SSB/Digi mode from 80m to 12m with only two operators working in turn – not bad for a small pistol considering the band condition.

This time we are planning to activate AS-140 again (AS-140 is much more needed then AS-127, as it is a domestic operation and we have only these two islands group in S2) from a different Island. Planning minimum two station, better antennas (VDAs for NA/EU pointing towards the sea), (Beam towards JA overland), and our multiband vertical which was used for the 5000+ qso barefoot for bands not covered by VDA/Beams. We might use a linear for SSB Phone if we can buy a larger 2000VA generator and BPF’s. We will also try to invite few more interested S2 operators if we find with adequate experience.


Today is our last day of operation (QRT local 23:59 and 1800z). So far we have logged 5000+ QSO in 8 bands including 3cm QO-100 satellite. Due to barefoot setup and poor propagation we have done only a few phone QSO (spending 2 hours prime time each day for 4-5 QSO isn’t worth it). Many might say real ham do not use FT8, we say it is better than nothing. We tremendously thanks all the OM/YL who shared the expense of this expedition with us. Thanks to Clipperton DX Club and FAIRS USA for their great support. Thanks to DX-World for being our media partner. Thanks guys. S21RC

S21AM had to leave camp yesterday and head back home due to a family emergency. Now only S21RC is operating. Both HF and SAT logs are being uploaded to LoTW. New pictures below. 

DECEMBER 14 – As seen in the pictures, the antenna system was badly affected by high tides today. Tomorrow, they will likely relocate the antennas. Logsearch is available here

DECEMBER 12 UPDATE for DX-World by S21AM & S21RC

This is a remote island, the team is staying in small tents. The shack is under a tree with a small tarp overhead. The nearest drinking water collection point and washroom is 1.2km away through bush and muddy terrain. Nearest local village is 1 hour by boat. No electricity of course. We are running from Battery which needs charging every 4 hours from a portable gen set. The Internet is very unstable through GSM.

QO-100 ready today evening: There are dense trees towards the satellite, we tried from many places within 15m of the shack, no luck. Finally we put the antenna outside on the beach with 40m cable which flooded at night time, the wire was too long and DC power was dropping – so we had to put a battery under the tripod at the beach – hope local fisherman will not take it away.

We tried to do some SSB Phone on 20m and 40m, but our vertical antenna is not performing that good at RX – so we became a deaf station. Switched to FT8 to get more QSO instead of spending time on Phone that much.

So far 1415 HF QSO logged (AS-140). 114 QO-100 SAT QSO logged from NL51iw.[till 11th dec]

Note from the operators: Please try to understand we are not a big expedition with lots of international support. Our friends and families are cooking and helping us voluntarily (6 of them with own expenditure) when we are busy with the radio. We are running only 1 HF radio with 1 basic Antenna from the battery. And propagation is not in favor as well.

We thank all the community supporters for inspiring us.

Hope to get you in the log, 73

DECEMBER 11 – The team continue to be active and have been QRV on QO-100. A reminder that DX-World is the official media partner for S21DX providing regular updates about the DXpedition. Here’s more pictures direct from Kukri-Mukri island. Online logs can be found here. Any corrections via EB7DX, QSL manager. LoTW will be uploaded as soon as the team return home; there’s no reason for delay. 

DECEMBER 10 @ 05:00z – Activity has restarted although currently they have a small problem with resonance on 40m band using their multi-band vertical. 

DECEMBER 9 @ 21:00Z – S21DX has been active briefly on 40m FT8. However, at 21:00z they went QRT for the day. Their battery is drained and will be re-charged for next day. 200 QSOs in the log so far.

DECEMBER 9 @ 06:00Z – Team reach Bhola island. Food and fuel supplies purchased. Currently on trawler, expecting to reach Kukri-Mukri by 0900z.   

DECEMBER 8  – Photos and updates will appear here (and also DX-World). Meanwhile, the team started their journey at 19:00 local. It will take 12 hours to reach Bhola then they will charter a fishing trawler to take them to Char Kukri-Mukri island. It’s hoped activity will start about 00:00z on December 10th. 

NOVEMBER 29 – Team received callsign S21DX and operating permission from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. DXpedition date and location has been changed to December 10-16 to be inline with the permission. Exact coordinate/Grid locator will be published soon. It will still be AS-140.

MARCH 22 – DX-World is very happy to be S21DX media partner providing regular updates about the DXpedition. S21DX website