UPDATE – Unfortunately, almost all participants fell ill with Coronavirus. In this regard, the departure from Vorkuta is scheduled for the end of March. But, there is already doubt that in general this year RI1PP will not take place. 

JANUARY 10, 2022 – A meeting took place with Ivan, R1IB. He and a group are going from Vorkuta to Amderma in February on two all-terrain vehicles. Upon arrival in Amderma, we (R1II and RL1I) will ride snowmobiles to the island. The date of the trip has not yet been determined.

[DECEMBER 31, 2021] Depending on weather conditions, Andrey R1II and Tatyana RL1I plan activity from the uninhabited Mestnyy Island, EU-086 sometime in February the second half of January 2022. QRV as RI1PP for 1-2 days only. QSL via R1II. Note – RRA: RR-06-29 (new one), RDA: NO-02.