NEWS UPDATE – Mike returned home from Naryan-Mar. He explains there are serious questions regarding the reliability of the vessel. Therefore, the expedition was postponed. The next attempt will be made later this year on the yacht “Apostol Andrey”.

JULY 29, 2018 – Mike, UA1QV informs DX-World that after waiting a long time for permission, he is now in a position to visit and operate from Novaya Zemlya IOTA EU-035. Mike goes on to say that departure is scheduled for August 4, 2018 from the port of Narjan-Mar on the boat “Pechora“. Activity as UA1QV/MM on the way and back to Novaya Zemlya. In addition, possible activity from EU-086 or EU-102 along the way. More details after August 3 following meeting with boat captain and final approvals. Plan is for 5-7 days activity before he joins up with the RI0B team in late August.