NEWS UPDATE – Eugeny RI1FJ is returning to F.J.L (Heiss Island) and is currently in the process of renewing his license. His still is likely from August 2017 to August 2018. QSL via UA2FM.

AUGUST 19, 2016 – Eugeny RI1FJ safely arrived at Archangelsk Port. His 2016 operation lasted from 27 June 18.31 UTC to 02 Aug 2016, 16.18 UTC.

AUGUST 14, 2016 – Eugeny RI1FJ left the island on 5-6th August. He is onboard RSV Somov, sailing home. Watch Somov route at As soon he is on the Internet, I upload his log onto, and everyone will be able to use OQRS form on this page as well. Please be patient, all requests will be replied!

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