OCTOBER 11 — Polar bears showed a very strong interest in HF and VHF! On the last day at camp they had 8 bears visit. They loaded the yacht in about two days and are now sailing to Murmansk. As they’ve collected all the stuff in a hurry all the equipment is in one pile and the tracker couldn’t be turned on. By the same reason logs couldn’t be transferred. The team plans to reach Murmansk in 3 days and the log will be uploaded. All are OK.

OCTOBER 8 @ 11:00Z The RI1F team is closing down. Polar bears are becoming problematic. Logs will be available later.

OCTOBER 4 @ 1500z — Team members managed to land. The old bulks in which they planned to stay are covered with thick ice inside so they now plan to set up something temporary today and to find (or build) another shelter tomorrow. First station possibly QRV later today on 20CW..

OCTOBER 4 @ 0930Z – Yacht is near Viktoriya Island. Old bulks (small houses) are perfectly seen. Main problem is fog – no details yet on when a landing may occur. There are at least three polar bears on the island. Guys are waiting.

OCTOBER 3 @ 19:00z – The team passed 80° north and are now offshore Viktoriya Island. They will attempt a landing tomorrow morning (local). All team members are well. Temperature is 0C and cloudy.

SEPTEMBER 30 @ 09:30z — RI1F guys are OK. They move at 5 knots. WX is OK. About 500 miles left. They expect to arrive in 2-3 days.

SEPTEMBER 28 – The RI1F team is almost finished loading all equipment onto their yacht Aurora. They will leave port for Viktoriya Island before midnight local tonight.

SEPTEMBER 26 – Team visit local museum while waiting for their yacht.

AUGUST 11 – Today the second batch of equipment for the RI1F expedition went to Murmansk, weighing 842kg.

JUNE 12 – The team will set sail for Viktoriya Island, EU-190NEW on September 27th. It’s a 1300km voyage. Information will also be published here [or translated here]

MAY 18, 2017 “Three days ago the yacht AURORA left dock, prepared for our campaign, and is in Helsinki currently as part of another cruise. The updated photos of the AURORA are avaliable in the photo folder”.

MARCH 23, 2017 — Only in 2014 when the IOTA rules were changed and the minimum distance in 150 km (E5.3 point) was established, according to the application of Russian Robinson Club two new groups were added to the world list of groups of islands: in the Asian part – AS-203 (Shelikhova Bay Group), and in the European part – EU-190 (Viktoriya Island). Thus, now Viktoriya Island has the status of the certain remote island and can be activated for the world IOTA community. After activation by the new rules IOTA also the previous activities from the island will also be counted.

Now Viktoriya Island remains the last IOTA NEW ONE in Russia. At the same time in the world remained only two never activated islands remain from the 11 of the new island groups added in 2014 at a conference in Great Britain dated for the 50 anniversary of the international IOTA program. The RI1F team plans at the end of September – the beginning of October to conduct an expedition on the sea yacht and to present Viktoriya Island on the air for the IOTA/DX world radio amateur community.

RI1F expedition team:

Igor ZnamenskyUA9KDFTeam leader
Daniel GavrilovCaptainRUSARC AURORA
Yury ZarubaUA9OBARRC president
Vladimir KostinChief mateRUSARC AURORA
Andrey KorobejnikovUA9LDDCW operator
Yelena Sil’nitskayaCookRUSARC AURORA
Valery MakarovUA0ZCCW/SSB operator
Dmitriy TrefilovHelmsmanRUSARC AURORA
Vladimir Vasil’yevR9LRSSB/CW operator
Kirill MaslennikovSailorRUSARC AURORA
Sergey NadtochiyUA9KBCW operator
Artemy RusinUA9KAMPhoto, video, SSB op.
Andrey SemeshkoRT9KMechanic, cook, SSB op.
Victor KuzyakinRW0BGCW/SSB operator
Mikhail KutyumovUA1QVCW/SSB operator
Valery NesterovRA9JCW/SSB operator
Vladimir KorobeinikovSon of UA9LDDCW/SSB operator

Support Group

RA3CQ      Igor Ustimenko pilot
DL8RCB   Anatoli Vilessov APRS support
RX9KM    Alexandr Kovalevsky QSL manager
W7/UA6JD Vlad Lambrianov QRZdesign/web support