[NEWS UPDATE] – Vasily, R7AA got in touch to say the expedition team is very grateful for the support of more than 50 Russian radio amateurs who support the RI0Z expedition on the 30th anniversary of the RRC club. Perhaps foreign radio amateurs will be able to support the RI0Z expedition too.

Meanwhile, Vasily goes on to say: “In mid-May, the assembly and testing of home-made antennas of 5 el was completed. beam for 5 bands 20-10m. Plus 2 e. by 30 m. At the end of May, forwarding cargo with a total weight of 480 kg was sent. Now the cargo has passed the mark in Moscow. The way is long, 7500 km by rail, then by sea from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsky Kamchatsky, then, together with the RI0Z team, by sea to Bering Island“.

[MARCH 29] – Team consisting R7AA, UA7A, UA6EX and RM0F will be active from Commander (Komandorski) Islands, AS-039 as RI0Z during August 18 to September 1, 2023. DXpedition website

Commander Islands — an archipelago of four Islands in the South-Western part of the Bering sea of the Pacific ocean. The administrative part of the Aleut district of the Kamchatka Krai of Russia. The island is named after who discovered them in 1741, Explorer commander Vitus Bering.