NEWS UPDATE @ 0930z Vasily, R7AA informs the RI0LI team landed Leontiev island AS-022 and plan to be QRV in 2-3 hours.

AUGUST 5 – Vasilij, R7AA informs that the RI0LI team will be leaving Cherskij village on the morning of August 6th heading towards Gusmp Island AS-070 by Kolyma river. While approaching Gusmp they will be waiting for good weather window for the sea trip to Leont’eva Island. They hope to reach Leont’eva Island AS-022 the same day. Next communication with the RI0LI team will be via satellite phone.

JULY 15 – The start of the RI0LI expedition is postponed for 2 weeks due to hard ice conditions around AS-022 currently.  The team will now fly from Moscow on August 2.

Team member Vasily, R7AA sends an image depicting sea ice in the region from July 10th.

FEBRUARY 15, 2017 – A Russian Robinson team consisting R7AA, RA7E & UA6EX plan to be active from Leont’yeva, Bear Islands AS-022 as RI0LI during third week of July 2017. Bear Island archipelago is located in the East Siberian Sea, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). A website will be available in a few weeks time. Website