NEWS UPDATE II @ 2100Z – All RI0C team members now safely on yacht and sailing to Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.

NEWS UPDATE @ 0530Z – According to information received from Anastasia (wife of Vasily R7AL), part of the team on the island remains without food and warm clothes. Drinking water is very little. Because of the big waves, to transfer water, food, warm clothes to the island cannot happen. It was decided to work on air until the evening (local time) and then is preparing to be removed from the island. [UA3AKO]

JULY 25 – Three team members landed (R7AL, RK8A, RW5D). Tomorrow RA1ZZ and UA3LMR will try to land with the rest of the radio gear. Marine forecast for Iony Island AS-069.

JULY 24 – RI0C, AS-069. The team was unable to land Iony island with radio gear today. Next attempt tomorrow morning (early July 25).

JULY 23 – The team arrived Iony Island AS-069 and will land at their morning (early July 24).

JULY 21 @ 0900z — The team departed the port of Nikolaevs-on-Amur and now sailing towards Iony island.

JULY 14 – The RI0C team has reached Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, their port of embarkation to Iony Island (AS-069). They expected to be QRV from Iony on 18-22 July, but the dates will have to be adjusted. Their yacht’s departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky has been delayed for 3-4 days, so while waiting for the ship to arrive they will be active as R24RRC from nearby Baidukov Island (AS-114). Plans are to be QRV around 12 UTC on 15 July for 2-4 days. Check for updates and realtime tracking. [tnx IK1ADH]

JULY 6 – The RI0C team is ready to conquer the island of Iony, AS-069 – the most sought IOTA in Russia and the #2 in Asia (Rank = 3.3%).

On July 12 we will fly to Khabarovsk, then we will drive to the seashore of Okhotsk (abt 950 km) and then after 3 days in yacht (450 km) by sea to Iony Is. Our movement can found in “Plans” page of RI0C website:

Entry to the island will be very difficult because there are always storms and there is not a good bay. The time it takes to enter will depend on weather conditions, but we plan to be QRV on July 18. If on the first day our signal is weak – do not worry, we will transmit from a provisional position – we will need some time to drag equipment to the top of the island in steep rocks and to install directional antennas.

Our team expresses its gratitude to all those who supported us!

See you from AS-069!

73 Vasily, RA1ZZ / 3

More info:

DECEMBER 19, 2016 – A Russian Robinson team consisting R7AL, RA1ZZ, RW5D and RK8A will be active from the very rare Iony Island AS-069 as RI0C during second half of July 2017. Ranked #1 in Russia and #2 in Asia, this island was activated only once back in 1990. See detailed info on the expedition website