NEWS UPDATEThe northern lights do not stop. Almost all ranges are closed at night. There is almost no hope for 160 and 80 meters. We received a storm warning on March 20, again a wind of up to 30 m / s. At night, they began to prepare for the weather. In the last storm, we barely held the tent. I had to lower the yagi, she certainly would not survive such a wind. In addition, we extended the tent and strengthened the shelter for the diesel station and generators. The temperature does not change much, it keeps around -30C. Result: by noon on March 20 about 4000 QSOs. A small team explored the island. Found two winter houses. Approximate age is late 18th and early 19th century. Boards chopped with an ax, fishing huts. Naturally, the buildings are almost destroyed by nature. Once again, our team admires the courage of travelers who hibernated in such a harsh climate.

Tomorrow evening, the forecast gives a weakening snowstorm. Let’s start camp folding. Paved the return route. We want to reach Sopochnaya Karga without spending the night. It will be easier to go, less fuel. Scheduled a start on Sunday March 22. We will work on air until the evening of March 21. In general, everything is OK in the RI0B team!

For information: we try every day 160 meters starting from 18-00 GMT the frequency is 1.816-1.819 MHz – this section is more or less without CW interference.

MARCH 17 – The team reached the island. Expect signals later today (17th) or tomorrow once winds calm down. See link to diary below:

MARCH 8, 2020 – The team are ready to go to the island but are currently waiting until clearer weather window arrives. The temperature reached -24C with 18m/s winds so is creating blizzard-like conditions. Expedition diary is here and tracker here

JANUARY 3, 2020 — A team led by Igor UA9KDF have plans to activate Rastorguyeva Island AS-068 as RI0B sometime in mid-March 2020. Activity is very weather dependent with the team using snow mobiles. Last September the Arctic Legends IOTA team tried to activate AS-068. Updates here