SEPTEMBER 20 — We carried out reconnaissance of the island (AS-087). We will land on a sand spit. The weather deteriorates badly, the rain intensifies.  Caught a strong swell when approaching the island. Today, in the evening, we will install the position and go on air. We will work until the morning hours of Saturday, September 22. Then the wind changes in an unfavourable direction for us, we must go to Dikson Island. [tnx R9LM]

SEPTEMBER 15 — The main generator failed. Second half of last day they worked using 100 Watts only. Tomorrow they will leave AS-104 and go to AS-087. AS-068 won’t be activated – they are coming out of the schedule. The yacht has to get back to St. Petersburg before the 7th of October, otherwise the floodgates will be closed.

The trip to AS-087 will take about 2 days. There, the yacht’s main generator will be dismantled and RI0B should be back on track with appropriate power. If no luck – they will continue with 100W. Same 3 operation positions will be used. [tnx RA3CQ]

SEPTEMBER 15 – The team made 4850 QSOs on Fernley Island, AS-054 and at 1330 UTC departed towards Nansen Island, AS-104. They plan to reach Nansen Island at 0700 UTC, September 16 staying until 19th. QRV will depend on time they have to look for place for landing and installing camp.

SEPTEMBER 12 – Team is going to leave AS-121 at 1600 UTC today. Approximate time to AS-054 is September 13 (their morning). Half of day to install camp and start QRV. The plan to stay on AS-054 two days.

SEPTEMBER 9 – Due to incoming storm, the team has landed on Tyrtov island, AS-121 and building the camp. Planning to QRV tomorrow (10th) and be active for 3-4 days until storm passes.