NEWS UPDATE – On February 13, Alexey returned to Progress Station from Vostok. He plans to remain there until March 24, then one more return to both Novolazarevskaya base and Bellingshausen base before finally leaving Antarctica.

DECEMBER 28, 2020 – Alexey has been active as RI01ANT since December 26. Activity tends to be on FT8; 40-30-17m. A reminder that he is active from Progress and Vostok research stations (not at the same time!) until end of May 2021. 

DECEMBER 3, 2020 – First reported a few days ago (see below),  RX6A/MM has been taking advantage of decent radio propagation of late and is QRV on 10-12 & 17m FT8 when time permits. The ice-breaker is making steady progress to Progress – see here

NOVEMBER 29, 2020 – Alexey, RX6A will soon be working at Progress and Vostok stations in Antarctica. Approximate schedule is:

  • December 1 to 20, 2020 as RX6A/MM on board ice-breaker Akademik Trshnikov.
  • December 25, 2020 to May 30, 2021 – activity as RI01ANT from Progress and Vostok throughout this period.

QRV on CW and FT8, 40-15m; 50w. 

As always, we will update when more info comes to hand.

Alexei, RX6A