Press Release – New affordable remote service now available.

NY, March 5, 2014: is proud to announce the release of a new revolutionary technology and service called “WebDX”. This new technology has removed the requirement for downloadable software and hardware to remote on the popular RemoteHamRadio station network. The new WebDX service has a very affordable one-time signup fee of $99 and the operator is simply billed per minute for the usage on the sites. This service is for amateur radio operators that may be living in HOA, restricted communities, City, nursing homes and the travelling ham to “get on the air” with only a portable computer and an internet connection. is the first service of its kind to offer amateurs the ability to operate world class stations from anywhere. Today RHR offers two services, PremiumDX which is for the serious operator with access to big stations and the new WebDX service which is focused for affordability and portability.

More information can be found at

A video tutorial of the new WebDX technology can be viewed at: