This idea came from Eli, N6PF and we think it’s good. 

Who remembers their first ever DX contact or first ever DX station heard (as SWL). How elated were you to contact a station on the other side of the world using a simple wire antenna? 

To start off – with the hope others reply – I clearly remember both my first ever station heard as a Short Wave Listener (it was an EA5 in Benidorm, Spain in 1989 on 20M), and my first ever QSO was relatively recent in 2003 with an EA8 (also 20M). Both times I was beaming with excitement! Little did I know then that I’d write daily updates on this website about all things DX.

My only regret is that I cannot find the many folders of paper logs I kept from my SWL days. For sure, some very interesting DX back then and I now wonder how treasured some of those QSL cards might be – if I only I could find the folders and send a card first!

What first time DX memories do you have or cherish?

73 Col, MM0NDX @ DX-World

Main image: Young hams at LASA High School Amateur Radio Club, Texas.